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Blaine County Events Center

Thanks to generous donations toward two large, gas heaters & there installation from Ophus Auction Service, Kim’s Heating & Plumbing – Hansen Sheet Metal, and Gary’s Plumbing, the Blaine County Fair’s Events Center (The Commercial Building) is now heated and available to be rented any season of the year! The building is 60'x100'.

If you’re planning a wedding, meeting or other type of event in the area, contact us for more details and to reserve your dates.

What We Offer

We offer seating for 200 in comfy and easy to clean plastic chairs with matching, round, heavy-duty plastic tables and also have 10 nice, white banquet tables available.

The kitchen is stocked with most items an event may need, from knives to roasters to serving spoons, mixer, fridge and freezer, coffee maker, etc. Bring your own plates and silverware.

If you are planning an event that needs extra tables or chairs; you can contact the Chinook Area Chamber of Commerce to reserve their tables and chairs by calling (406) 357-3115 

Commerical Building Wedding
Homemade wooden bar


Liquor Liability is normally only obtained by purchasing a separate Liquor Liability policy.  There are several websites where they can purchase the coverage and in a lot of cases they can purchase BOTH General Liability and Liquor Liability for the event under the same policy.   Here are a few of those sites that specialize in this type of insurance:

Rental Forms 

Reach out to us today to reserve our event center for your next event.  You can contact us via email at

 or facebook messenger

Empty Commercial Building
Kitchen Cupboards
Kitchen Counters
Kitchen Stove
Kitchen Cooler
Serving Window
Kitchen Sink
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